Educational Outreach: Babcock IC Analyst Speaks to Grad Students and Professors at UCR Seminar

It’s no secret that Babcock Laboratories supports local education. In fact, Babcock Labs has been a proud supporter and employer of University of California, Riverside (UCR) students ever since the university was founded in 1954. What may not be as well known is our love for and participation in continued education. Recently, Babcock Labs’ analyst Donald Biedenkapp gave a lecture on Ion Chromatography instrumentation to UCR graduate students and professors.

“The seminar was held on campus and I spoke about maintaining and operating older Dionex/Thermo instruments,” explained Biedenkapp. “We are well-versed in equipment that Thermo Fisher Scientific no longer supports, so they asked Babcock Labs to become a resource to the local scientific community for their instrumentation needs based on our knowledge and experience.”

The May 23rd seminar was just one of many, as Thermo has asked Babcock Labs to host a seminar at the university on a quarterly basis.

University of California, Riverside campus

“The hope is that we can continue to educate grad students who are new to the instrumentation” said Babcock Laboratory Director Paul Monroy. “And our presence each quarter will provide professors the opportunity to ask additional questions or seek consultation.”

Monroy attended the seminar with Biedenkapp and answered questions about Babcock Labs and its operations. He also provided contact information, in case any of the students or professors find themselves in need of immediate assistance.

“In truth, our laboratory possesses a wealth of instrumentation expertise,” said Monroy. “Our intimate knowledge with different generations of Dionex IC systems, LC/MS/MS and ICP/MS benefits not only our clients, but also our technical community.”

“I really enjoyed sharing my knowledge with the UCR scientific community and look forward to speaking again at future seminars,” said Biedenkapp. “It’s great that Babcock Labs is not only a leader in the testing industry, but also a resource for scientific academia.”

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