Celebrity Sighting: Riverside Officials Visit Babcock Labs

On Friday, September 19, Riverside Mayor Rusty Bailey, Councilman Andy Melendrez, Assistant City Manager Deanna Lorson, Economic Development Manager Larry Vaupel, and Director of International Relations for the Mayor’s Office Lalit Acharya met with Babcock Labs CEO Allison Mackenzie to take a tour of the facilities and discuss the lab’s role in the local community.

“We are thrilled that these respective city officials have taken an interest in learning more about our laboratory and involvement in the community,” said Babcock Laboratories CEO Allison Mackenzie. “We have been an active member in the Riverside community and an integral part of its economy since we were first established over 108 years ago.”

During the tour, topics of conversation included the amount of jobs Babcock Labs brings to both the City of Riverside and Riverside County. A part of the science and technology sector, Babcock Labs currently employs 78 individuals. Mackenzie and the guests also discussed Babcock Labs’ significant place within Riverside’s history. Founded in Riverside by Edward S. Babcock in 1906, the laboratory provided testing to citrus farmers and soil surveyors during the height of Riverside’s agricultural era. In later years, his grandson, Sherman Babcock, was instrumental in the establishment of the University of California, Riverside, and the lab has made an effort to support the university ever since. In addition to sharing the lab’s continuous efforts to support the local economy and community, Mackenzie informed the guests of Babcock Labs’ current community service project, the Drinking Water Treatment Partnership Project, which helps underserved Riverside County residents. The guests also mentioned the importance of STEM education, and Mackenzie explained that the laboratory regularly assists students with science projects. Perhaps most significantly, Mackenzie and the guests discussed the importance of local business for a healthy local economy.

“We know that we contribute greatly to city’s economic growth and social well-being,” said Mackenzie. “It was truly a pleasure to have the opportunity to share our contributions with these esteemed officials and brainstorm ways for our business to continue to thrive.”

On behalf of the entire Babcock Labs staff, we would like to thank Mayor Bailey, Councilman Melendrez, Ms. Lorson, Mr. Vaupel, and Mr. Acharya for visiting our facilities.

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