Babcock Labs Scores 99.6% on PTs for Summer 2015

IMG_1587Babcock Laboratories, Inc. PT scores for the summer of 2015:

The average score for all PT testing was 99.6%, verifying Babcock Labs’ analytical testing expertise and reaffirming Babcock Labs’ reputation as “The Standard of Excellence for Over 100 Years”.

Overall Scores:

  • Food: 100%
  • WS (Drinking Water):  99.2%
  • WP (Wastewater): 100%
  • Soil: 99.6%
    • Total: 99.6%

We are proud of our staff; it is through their hard work and professionalism that we are able to provide our clients with high quality, reliable environmental services and analytical data.

Questions? Contact our Quality Assurance Manager, Stacey Fry, at or 951-653-3351 ext 238.

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