Babcock Labs’ Drinking Water Workshop a Success

On Thursday, June 18th, Babcock Labs held its first Drinking Water Workshop (DWW). The workshop consisted of a short course seminar and an interactive training session on proper drinking water sampling. It was a full house, with 30 participants from various agencies and municipalities. Workshop trainers included Babcock Labs’ Director of Client Services Cathy Iijima, Field Operations Manager Mark Tracy, and UCMR3 Project Director Susann Thomas.

DSC_6199The first half of the workshop focused on education; Attendees learned about proper sampling techniques, sample bottle type and preservation, personal safety, sample documentation, and the laboratory methods and testing used to analyze the sample. During the second half of the workshop, attendees were split into groups that rotated through various stations. At two of the stations, attendees were tasked with taking a proper sample based on the testing requirements. At another station attendees were walked through a “day in the life of a sample” that gets processed in the microbiology lab.

DSC_6185Workshop participants were afforded the opportunity to talk to our laboratory professionals who have years of expertise in drinking water sampling, as well as members of the project management team. At the conclusion of the workshop, each attendee received a certificate of completion verifying that they had received proper education and applied training on drinking water sampling.

Are you interested in attending this workshop? Click here to sign-up for a future Babcock Labs Drinking Water Workshop and we’ll let you know when the next DWW is taking place!


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