Babcock Edu.: IC Analyst Presents in Thermo Scientific Webinar

Donald Biedenkapp, IC Analyst

Donald Biedenkapp, Babcock Labs IC Analyst

In November, Babcock Labs’ Ion Chromatography (IC) Analyst Donald Biedenkapp gave a webinar on the new EPA method 218.7 for hexavalent chromium (Cr6). The webinar was held on the 19th and hosted by Thermo Scientific in collaboration with C&EN.

The new EPA method 218.7 was designed for UCMR3, which is why Mr. Biedenkapp was able to offer his expertise. Babcock Labs has been using this specific method for over two years, and Mr. Biedenkapp was instrumental in the original method development.

During the presentation, Mr. Biedenkapp explained the three different Cr6 methods, the applicability of each method, the chemistry involved with each method, and instrumentation operation tips for running each method. In addition, he provided real world sample data for attendees to observe. Attendees of the webinar included representatives from water agencies, chemists actively operating IC instrumentation, members of other environmental laboratories, and other interested chemists.

“I believe that the seminar was particularly advantageous to participants because it helped them to better understand the methods, which in turn helped them to decide which method would meet their testing needs,” said Biedenkapp.

This is the second time Mr. Biedenkapp has presented at the request of Thermo Scientific regarding IC analysis and instrumentation operation training. He looks forward to continuing to offer his expertise to other industry members.

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